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The problems, photos and art are supplied by my students or come from various photoshop web sites and books.

All Images remain the property of their owners and are for teaching purposes only and not for reproduction of any kind. Credits will be given whenever possible.

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Agua Man
Peel a Hand

Retoucing Reflections

tutorial suggestion from Charles Rosenbaum

Make a Vaudeville Poster

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Create a Movie Logo

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Shadow/Highlight Adjustment

photo by Aldo Vellenich

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Here's How!
Smart Sharpening

photo by Aldo Vellenich


Repairing Damaged Slides


Dotted Lines

Adding Photos into Photos

a ps-tutor Tutorial






















Drop Shadow
Adding a Person into a Photo

Pirates, Aaargh!

Watch a Video

Color Correction with Curves

Camera Raw

Watch a Video

flower Easy Art History Brush  
Patch Tool  

Slice it up

a tutorial suggestion by Marge Driscoll

Add Some Effects
ninja Make a Label
jogger Action Blur  

easy Comic Book Effect

a Phototshop Roadmap Tutorial


Design Effects

adapted from a tutorial by Corey Barker


Morphing Animals

a tutorial suggestion by Lilian Holt



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