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Class on Tuesday, March 13 will end at 8:20pm.
This site is made of tutorials taught in my Photoshop class now at

Hughes Adult Learning Center
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The problems, photos and art are supplied by my students or come from various photoshop web sites and books.

All Images remain the property of their owners and are for teaching purposes only and not for reproduction of any kind. Credits will be given whenever possible.

My Job: Deliver the Photoshop-fix.

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Vintage Color Photo Look  
Election Day Tutorial  
Test out the color before you paint  


  Copyright Action  
  Shape Layers  
Layer Comps  
  The Pen Tool  
Layers Review

Sharpening Filters
The Sharpen Tool

  Automatic Lens Correction  
Content Aware Tool

Creating Motion

  Color Management  
  More Compositing
(Photos passed out in class

Excerpt from Classroom in a book

Masks and Channels  

(Photos passed out in class

  Make your own custom pattern  

Extracting Hair

From the book, Compositing Secrets, by Matt Kloskowski

Mixer Brushes  
Valentine BG
Flying Girl
  Selection Tools
Quick Selection Tool with Refine Edge  

Watercolor Text


Brushes Smoke Text    
Photoshop Basics
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